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Charli XCX on ‘wild and fearless’ Boohoo collection

Charli XCX hates the term “fun with fashion”, even though she admits her style is reflective of the phrase.

(Cover) - EN Star Style - Singer Charli XCX purposefully incorporated “wild and fearless” elements inspired by the ‘90s into her collection.

The 23-year-old Boom Clap hitmaker is preparing to debut the new line for the British retailer on 26 October (15).

Ahead of the highly anticipated launch, Charli spoke about how the over-the-top costume vibe of ‘90s fashion was something she intended on capturing in the collection from the outset.

“I like that element of fashion in some ways,” she explained to “Even the runways I think in the '90s were just so wild and fearless. Like the Versace runway shows, the Chanel runways, and the swimwear runways were just so wild and sassy and electric, and I really like that about that era of fashion.”

Charli also cites her favourite movie characters from that decade as inspiration for her clothing range. Alicia Silverstone’s Clueless alter ego Cher Horowitz was an obvious icon for the star while others were a little more obscure.

“Rose McGowan's character Courtney Shayne in Jawbreaker (and) Nancy Downs in The Craft,” she said. “All of those '90s cult movie figures really inspired this collection.”

Charli believes a lot of people wore mismatched clothing throughout that era.

But somehow hodge podge dressing appeals to her tremendously.

“I just feel like it was...I hate the term ‘fun with fashion’ but I really do feel that during the '90s there were so many awesome looks that just sat on the line of being so wrong that they're right and I really like that about fashion,” she explained. “I like it when people take risks like that. I just feel like there were so many aspects of fashion in the '90s that were just so awesome and vibrant. The '90s felt like not just fashion but also dressing up, like raiding someone's closet and dressing up.”

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