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Charli XCX: People mistook me for Lorde

Charli XCX used to find having curly hair "tough".

The British singer has hit the charts in the past year, penning Icona Pop's top single I Love It and offering her vocals to Iggy Azalea's Fancy. Her porcelain complexion makes her thick dark hair stand out, but Charli doesn't always wear her locks in their natural form.

“I used to be mad at my curly hair, when I was younger, because it’s tough. Then I kind of got really into it," she recalled in a video for Style Files. "But the problem is, I went to [South by Southwest festival] in March and someone was like, 'Lorde! Lorde! Lorde!' and I was like oh, no no no! That's not me. She is great. She has great hair."

One thing that Charli hasn't changed is her quirky taste in fashion. She is known for experimenting with outfits, and she joins Iggy in the music video to their song dressed in iconic ensembles from '90s movie Clueless.

Unlike many other females in the industry, the 21-year-old doesn't think modesty is an important part of being taken seriously.

"I don't feel like women have to cover up to be credible - I believe that women should be empowered by their body... the female body is a very beautiful thing. Nightwear is sexier. Why wear daywear when you can just wear nightwear?" she questioned.

"This is kind of just like a comfort thing, and a new found love for my breasts. I just really want to embrace my breasts and I think every woman should because boobs are awesome."

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