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Charli XCX: Worst-dressed list is cooler

One of Charli XCX's favourite fashion memories is matching her eye make-up to her purple outfit.

The 22-year-old singer is a fashion fan, but for her, style is more about expressing individuality than following catwalk trends. She proved that point very early on, when she decided to wear a completely matching outfit to a dance.

"I remember going to a school disco dressed all in purple - purple flares, purple halter-neck top, purple sandals - and then covering my eyes in purple eyeshadow and purple glitter, so I was all matchy-matchy," she laughed to British newspaper The Telegraph. "It was great. I was always more interested in the 'worst-dressed' pages and extreme rock'n'roll make-up rather than what was 'good' technically. I do what I feel."

That doesn't mean Charli can't appreciate fresh-faced looks though. She cites Britney Spears 90s look as one of her favourites, because she looked so relaxed and healthy and wasn't about heavy cosmetics.

Angelina Jolie is another of her favourites, with rocker Siouxsie Sioux who she turns to for inspiration when it comes to her stage looks.

"It's nice to have one look that you love and is classic and simple, but also to experiment sometimes and go wild. Make-up definitely has the ability to transform. And fragrance, too. When I put perfume on I immediately feel ten times more sassy," she explained.

While the star is all about mixing things up with her beauty looks, she does have a few failsafe products that are regularly found on her beauty shelf. Make-up wise she relies on MAC lipstick in Russian Red and a black kohl to make her feel done, and for skincare she is a big fan of Kiehl's. She cites the brand's iconic Creme de Corps lotion as one of her favourites, and she also uses a face cream and lip balm from the firm.

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