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Charli XCX's low-key gym look

Charli XCX loves the Insanity Workout, especially the "punching-dancing".

Charli XCX sometimes wears night before make-up to the gym.

The British singer can often be seen in her trademark red lipstick and heavily lined eyes while performing. And it seems the glamorous look isn't just for gigs - though her slept in make-up looks a lot less polished when she heads to the gym after a night out.

"Unless it's from the night before, I never wear make-up to exercise," she told Britain's InStyle magazine. "A long shower and some of my Impulse body spray afterwards is perfect for freshening up."

Exercise is a pretty new revelation for the 23-year-old, but getting fit has been helping her stamina for her tour dates. She may not be a slave to the gym just yet, but fitness trend the Insanity Workout has quickly become a favourite.

"Being on a tour is a major work out," she said. "My show is pretty high-octane so it's a good excuse to stay fit. I'm not pro exercising but I've started doing the Insanity Workout when I'm on tour. I'm on the road with a band called Bleachers, so it ends up being a weird musicians' fitness club. Insanity is really leg-focused, which I need as I have to perform in high heels, but it's a new level of pain."

Charli has also been toying with notion of trying out kickboxing, but she hasn't quite made it to a session yet.

"I booked a kickboxing class in Portland in the US but I missed it because we had a show," she said. "I think it looks really cool when a girl can throw a badass punch. That's kind of sexy. I love the parts of Insanity where you have to do uppercuts to music, it's like punching-dancing.

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