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Charli XCX's platform workout

Charli XCX loved working out while dressed as though she was in the movie Romy and Michele's High School Reunion.

Charlie XCX was surprised at how much ankle support she had when working out in platform trainers.

The Boom Clap singer takes great care in maintaining her toned physique, which means cramming in exercise wherever possible. Even when she hasn't got the right gear on, that doesn't stop Charli from building up a sweat.

"I was on a writing trip in Sweden recently and everyone in the studio started working out, but I only had my platform trainers with me, so I had to do it wearing them - it was like something from Romy and Michele's High School Reunion," she laughed to Britain's InStyle magazine. "It was actually quite good ankle support! Usually I just wear an Adidas crop top and a skort. It's such a classic look that I wear it on stage as well."

For Charli, being on tour is a form of fitness as she's constantly busting moves on stage. She's made no secret of how much she loves the Insanity Workout, which helps build her leg muscles. It comes in handy when she's dancing and running about in high heels, even if it does cause a lot of pain afterwards.

Fashion also plays a big part in the musician's life and her love of footwear means she's willing to make sacrifices in order to look good.

"I bought a pair of Vivienne Westwood boots that were a size to small for me but they were the last ones left so I had to get them," she previously smiled to The Debrief. "It was my first ever big purchase when I was younger. I do wear them but they hurt so much!"

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