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Charlie Hunnam: I crave exercise

Charlie Hunnam needs muscles to look "formidable".

The 34-year-old boasts a beefy body for his role as biker Jackson 'Jax' Teller in hit TV series Sons of Anarchy, which is currently in its seventh and final series. To get into shape for the part Charlie threw himself into exercise, eventually making it a ritual to keep him feeling good.

"I get more out of fitness mentally than I do physically. It’s like an oil change. Your body is mostly water and it gets dirty, you know? You have to clear the dirty water otherwise it’ll corrupt everything; your thoughts, emotional process and body," he explained to Men's Health magazine.

"I get addicted to the endorphin release of working out – my whole physiology relies on that. If I get injured or I don’t have time, I’ll start to feel cloudy, then depressed.

"I can’t take my shirt off and just be skinny. When you see a guy beating up people and being a general badass [like his Sons of Anarchy character], you assume he’s going to look pretty formidable."

For the accompanying photoshoot, Charlie poses with a red motorcycle, rocking dark jeans, a grey T-shirt and black leather jacket. Sons of Anarchy first hit the small screen in 2008 and the handsome star admits he struggled at first when filming ended, but made sure to keep himself busy.

"There’s a brutal reintroduction back into your regular life, which has been completely f**king neglected for six months. I imagine with Sons... that’s going to be exacerbated tenfold. I can feel weird and lost – I’m prone to it," he sighed.

"I wanted to avoid falling into a dark pit of existential crisis this time, so over the last 18 months I’ve been setting up some projects. I felt working through the transition was the healthiest way to deal with it."

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