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Charlie Hunnam worried CK scent would be smelly

Charlie Hunnam thinks his CK co-model Doutzen Kroes is a "sassy, cool chick".

The handsome British star fronts the ads for Calvin Klein Reveal, in which he looks dapper in a sharp suit while embracing a naked Doutzen Kroes.

He was happy to sign on the dotted line before he even smelt the aftershave, because he wanted to work with the brand so much.

"The cologne wasn't finished when I signed onto this, so it was much more about wanting to work with Calvin and wanting to be in one of these iconic campaigns that they do. Then, happily and completely honestly, I really like the fragrance," Charlie smiled to Details magazine.

"It's a relief, because obviously I knew that at some point I was going to have to come and talk about this a lot; it would have been pretty unpleasant if I didn't like it, but I think they did a beautiful job."

This isn't the first time 34-year-old Charlie has dipped his toes into modelling. He was actually scouted by an agent as a teenager but didn't like the posing process, so instead tried his hand at acting.

However, he fronted an Emporio Armani campaign in 2005, and felt comfortable in front of the camera with Calvin Klein this time around.

It also helped to be working next to stunning Dutch model Doutzen.

"She's so sweet I don't think she would presume to... [offer modelling tips], you know? But I think probably without even knowing, she was immensely helpful, just in doing her thing, I feel like I learned a great deal. She's a badass for sure, she's awesome," he gushed.

"When I met her I was like, 'Whoa, she really is great, I see what everyone was talking about,' like really, really smart and funny, kind of sassy, just a really cool chick."

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