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Charlize Theron: Beauty is more than skin deep

Charlize Theron is attracted to "happy people".

The stunning blonde actress has revealed that she believes beauty is more than skin deep.

Charlize thinks that a person's demeanour can determine whether they are ugly or good-looking.

"I am more attracted to happy people than beautiful," she told Italian magazine Gioia. "When a person lives a very happy life they become beautiful."

The Oscar winning actress is often praised for her trim figure and delicate features.

However, Charlize confessed than she doesn't need flattery to make her feel gorgeous.

She learnt from a young age to be happy with what she has and to have confidence in her figure.

"I always accept compliments, but I am not interested in them. I'm glad when somebody says that I am a sexy woman," she said.

"My mother taught me to understand there is nothing wrong with what is under my clothes."

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