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Charlize Theron: I like my looks

Charlize Theron is "happy to enjoy her looks" although she's been careful not to let them determine her acting career.

The actress is famed for her stunning appearance, and is regularly hailed as one of Hollywood's hottest women. However, Charlize has chosen to portray aesthetically unattractive characters in the past, including her Oscar-winning role as serial killing prostitute Aileen Wuornos in Monster.

"I think the press make more of me not wanting to play beautiful women than is true. I am happy to enjoy my looks - and they have been a great asset in my career - but I am fascinated by flawed characters," she told the latest issue of UK Vogue magazine.

Charlize also revealed that her career in modelling never took off because she was born a decade too late.

The 36-year-old beauty's look wasn't in fashion at the time.

"I was too tall, too big, too late for the supermodel look of the '80s. Kate Moss and all the tiny, grungy girls had just become fashionable, and I didn't fit the bill," she said.

Charlize has an enviably svelte physique. The blonde star works hard to maintain her figure.

"I'm sure there are women who never have to worry about what they eat. But I do. I exercise a lot and I hike a lot. My mom and I hike at least three times a week," she explained.


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