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Charlize Theron shows power via style

Charlize Theron's stylist says the beauty's wardrobe is "powerful" because she is.

The Hollywood beauty is famed for wearing strong, minimalist looks. Her red carpet stylist Leslie Fremar says Charlize's outfits always exude power because of her self-assured nature.

"That strength [in her clothes] comes from her personality. That’s really who she is. She’s a very strong confident woman. That comes out in her clothes," she explained in an interview with

"So I think that if that outfit that she wore was on someone else it wouldn’t read as powerful as it does on her because I think that that’s just how she feels."

Leslie boasts an impressive client list, including A-list stars Reese Witherspoon and Julianne Moore. The stylist loves her job, and finds it even more rewarding when her gowns are praised.

"I get excited when I see all the pictures, because there’s so much work that goes into it. I get excited for major events like the Oscars. This year Charlize was in Dior and Reese was wearing this beautiful Louis Vuitton dress. I get really excited the next day when the pictures start coming through the press. It’s more exciting when the press is positive. It definitely helps," she gushed.

Leslie has to convince the actresses to try out different looks from time to time though.

"I think they’re scared of things that are a little too avant-garde or a little too over the top. They’re not necessarily scared of it when they’re trying it on in a fitting, they’re more scared that people aren’t going to be receptive to it. And when they’re promoting something, they don’t want that to be a distraction from what they’re there to be doing. They’re not models, so sometimes the clothes can distract from the reason that they’re there," she explained.

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