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Cher Gaga over meat dress

Cher initially thought she was too un-cool to understand Lady Gaga's infamous meat dress.

The flamboyant artist famously wore a dress made out of meat to the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs). It was a shocking move at the time, but Cher took a while to cotton on to what was happening.

"I thought that was hysterical. I didn't realise what it was at first and then she said, 'Hold my meat purse,' and I thought it was a new designer I didn't know," she laughed to British magazine Heat.

The 67-year-old star eventually realised she was handling a piece of raw meat. Although it shocked her to begin with, she was soon in awe of the risk Gaga was taking.

"Then I looked down and thought, 'Whoa, this is strange!' It felt very weird but the design was gorgeous. It was really a work of art," she enthused.

The one-of-a-kind dress was created by LA-based designer Franc Fernandez, along with the singer's stylist at the time, Nicola Formichetti.

The gown took a long time to create, with Franc adding pieces of meat backstage at the music ceremony. Gaga was apparently totally unfazed by the situation.

“I really work best under pressure and working with meat as a material requires you to do it last minute,” he explained.

"Lady Gaga is the only pop star I'd create a dress like that for."

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