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Cher's spider wig

Cher’s favourite orange wig is thought to have had spiders nesting in it.

The 67-year-old star is known for her quirky outfits and wearing extravagant headpieces.

One particular wig Cher is fond of is her curly orange hairstyle, which she has worn on numerous occasions, including the UK premiere of her movie Burlesque.

However she is thought to be furious after one of her household staff threw the accessory away as it had been festered by eight-legged bugs.

“The staffer told Cher she’d thrown out the wig and its storage box because spiders were nesting in the hairy headpiece – and she even saw eggs in it,” a close pal told National Enquirer magazine.

“Not wanting the creepy critters crawling all over their superstar boss, the staff agreed it was best to ditch the wig rather than clean it. Cher agreed, ordered them to call an exterminator, then looked up at the ceiling and yelled [to her deceased ex-husband]: ‘Sonny... leave me alone already!’”

It isn’t just her locks Cher likes to experiment with. It was during her time performing with her late spouse in the ‘60s and ‘70s when she decided to wear more flamboyant clothing.

“When we started gigging, Sonny got a suit, I got a skirt, and we would go on stage like that,” she previously revealed.

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