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Chloë Moretz: Chanel gift was momentous

Chloë Moretz says getting her first Chanel handbag was a "huge, historical moment".

The 15-year-old actress has always loved the upmarket French fashion label. She can vividly recall the day her dream came true and she became the owner of one of its pieces.

"I always wanted a Chanel purse. And I went to this Chanel event, and the woman there said something like, 'I think we can arrange that.' The next thing I know, my stylist came over with a big box that had this giant bow that said Chanel on it. It was a huge, historical moment in my life," she laughed.

The actress explained it was a good job she was treated to the luxury item as she'd never have been able to afford one herself. Despite appearing in top movies such as Hugo, Chloë still has to check before splashing her cash.

"No, no no!" she laughed, when Seventeen asked if she could have just bought one herself. "My mom would never allow me."

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