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Chloë Sevigny: I love berets

Chloë Sevigny wanted her American Horror Story: Hotel character to look timeless.

Actress Chloë Sevigny loves a beret but is glad her American Horror Story: Hotel character is finally getting rid of hers.

The 40-year-old star plays Dr. Alex Lowe in the Ryan Murphy series alongside Lady Gaga, Matt Bomer and Kathy Bates. Her character regularly sports a turtleneck and a beret but in an upcoming episode, Chloë's alter ego will be seen without her signature hat and she's quite relieved.

"Oh, that beret! No more beret," she laughed during a chat with "It's a weird amalgamation because we wanted her to be timeless. And it's a homely version of something the Countess (Gaga) might wear."

Chloë first rose to prominence as a fashion model and her style is still adored by women the world over. However, when it came to her AHS character's clothing, the decisions were out of her hands.

"Actually, when we were doing all the initial fittings, the costume designer got a note from Ryan saying, 'I think she should be in a beret!' And we were like, 'Does he want me to be more like (actress Marlene) Dietrich, '40s, what's the deal?'" she recalled. "And I ended up being in the beret for so long, everybody was so sick of the beret. It became a running joke on set."

Despite the headwear becoming her character's uniform, Chloë still has a soft spot for it and wouldn't be afraid to include one in her own wardrobe or the clothing range she designs.

"But I mean, I love a beret!" she continued. "I do a clothing collection with Opening Ceremony, and I think every season, I've shown a beret. There should have been one scene where I lost it, but what can you do?"

Chloë joined forces with the fashion label in 2008 and takes a hands on approach to her collection. "With my Opening Ceremony collection, I design (the looks) to my body." she told "I'm the fit model, and everything I'm designing has to be something I want to wear."

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