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Chloë Sevigny: I'm hot

Chloë Sevigny feels "hotter" now than she did in her twenties.

The 37-year-actress is totally comfortable in her skin. Chloë doesn't worry about ageing, and has embraced the changes in her appearance as she's matured.

"Now I'm in my thirties, I feel much more confident about getting older. I may not have the younger body, but I feel hotter than I did in my twenties," she told the UK edition of InStyle magazine.

"I feel comfortable in my ageing process - it's more things like not being able to drink so much, or if I go out to eat Japanese food, the next day I'll be really puffy from the sodium. My body reacts to food and drink differently and the recovery isn't as fast."

Chloë doesn't care too much for diet fads. The svelte star avoids complicated meal plans and prefers to eat simple foods.

"I've never detoxed before, but I have friends who've done that juice cleanse, so I was thinking of trying it," she revealed.

"I eat pretty well anyway - I go for simple food such as egg whites and a lot of veggies and I drink a lot of herbal and green tea."


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