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Chloë Sevigny loves 'blingy' accessories

Chloë Sevigny loves her "blingy" '60s watch.

The actress is a fan of retro clothing and jewellery. She bought a timepiece from decades ago which she still loves as much as she did when she first brought it home.

"There's a Rolex from the '60s that I bought last April. I've never had anything that blingy before - it was a big purchase," she laughed.

Chloë's other favourite accessories are her rings. She has several items of jewellery she could never be without, including one which was gifted to her by her Big Love co-star Ginnifer Goodwin.

"There's this Russian ring I have from the '20s - it's black onyx and gold and platinum with a baby diamond. And a little thumb ring that was a gift from Ginnifer Goodwin. It's inscribed on the inside 'sister wife'. I love this ring, I wear it all the time," she told the UK edition of Grazia magazine.

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