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Chloë Sevigny on design tribulations

Chloë Sevigny didn't want her designs for the waitresses' uniforms at her brother Paul's nightclub to give people "anxiety".

The blonde actress is also a respected model and designer, creating collections for brand Opening Ceremony.

She's now turned her attention to her brother Paul and his nightclub, Paul's Baby Grand, which boasts a Havana-inspired interior. Chloë was appointed to design the outfits for waitresses to wear at the A-list hotspot and was surprised by the differences between this job and creating for the runway.

"That's tricky. With my Opening Ceremony collection, I design [the looks] to my body. I'm the fit model, and everything I'm designing has to be something I want to wear," she explained to

"Plus, I'm trying every piece on myself, and I'm 5ft. 8ins., which isn't very tall in fashion world. With models, tall people are really tall. But these waitresses are 5ft. 2ins. I'm like, 'Holy sh*t, these girls are miniature!'"

But Chloë has done a wonderful job with the ensembles, made up of cute tiered aprons decorated with prints such as flowers and bananas, worn over white blouses and pink bowties.

She wasn't keen on listening to her brother's input at first; especially when he stated he didn't want the outfits to be sexy. It seems Paul had a very clear idea of what his employees should wear while hard at work.

"You know, sometimes you go into nightclubs and the waitresses are so hot and they're in, like, salsa dresses! It gives you anxiety! Paul wanted the women in his club to feel admired, but not competitive, which is a hard task!" Chloë recalled. "He's like, 'I want their hemlines to be to the knee.' And I'm like, 'No, they need a short skirt.' And the men's uniforms - which I didn't create - were kind of inspired by a fantasy world, like you come into this club and you're in another place."

Luckily they found a compromise, with high necklines and legs on show.

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