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Chloë Sevigny: Red carpet is a mystery

Chloë Sevigny wishes the new generation admired her work more than her style.

The blonde star is an accomplished actress, model and designer, with campaigns for the likes of Miu Miu and design jobs for brands such as Opening Ceremony under her belt.

While she's become somewhat of a style icon, with fans poring over pictures of her, it's not something the star is a fan of.

"When I see a bunch of different photos [of myself], I’m like, 'Ugh, god! Terrible!' Mostly because they’re red-carpet photos, and I still don’t know how to dress for the red carpet. Very. Problematic. It’s very hard; maybe I need to get a stylist and just have her or him work it out for me," she mused to

She does feel there is "authenticity" in the way she dresses, but would be the last person to describe her look as "super-classic", adding that she'll never understand the obsession fans have with her appearance.

She's now adding author to her résumé with her self-titled book via Rizzoli, which chronicles her life from her teenage days to present. While she's aware her taste in clothing is praised, Chloë can't help but wish her acting talents were just as recognized.

"A lot of kids come up to me on the street and are like, 'I like your style.' I wish that they were watching the earlier films as much as they are maybe just flipping through imagery, you know what I mean? I wish there was a way for them to be more excited about that," she sighed.

"I feel like everything is so disposable and immediate, and they’re churning, and they’re going through it, and the concentration is just not there... There are the kids who are really into film who do see that, but I have a real problem with being isolated and being celebrated for style. I’d much prefer to be celebrated for the work I’ve done as an actress."

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