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Chloë Sevigny reveals fashion blunder

Chloë Sevigny once tore a Proenza Schouler dress made especially for her by dancing too hard.

The model-and-designer has opened her closet for a video interview with Opening Ceremony, the company she creates collections for.

Among the items she shows off is a green and black Proenza Schouler gown she once wore to the prestigious CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) Awards.

"Here's a dress I wore to the CFDA's that Jack and Lazaro of Proenza Schouler made for me. It was super cute, I got to go in for fittings and it was all very glamorous and then, being the asshole that I am, we went to a party afterwards and we were totally dancing and I - you know, when you put your hands in the air kind of style of dancing - I totally tore the dress! They said they would repair it so I have to get it back to them. But it's totally destroyed," she sighed.

The frock has a gaping hole under the armpit.

Chloë also discussed her love of black boots and denim. She has many pairs of jeans as she keeps finding new versions which she loves, which is why her new Opening Ceremony includes so many pieces made from the fabric.

The only thing she loves more than jeans is dark footwear.

"My addiction to black boots started probably when I was in high school. I couldn't afford Dr. Martens so I got some combat boots from the Army & Navy and they were way too big and I used to wear like three pairs of socks, I remember I wore them to my first concert which was The Cure," she laughed.

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