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Chloe Sevigny's over-groomed hair nightmare

Chloe Sevigny hates having to watch herself transformed under fluorescent lights before going onto set.

Chloe Sevigny describes having her hair "destroyed" for an acting role as a "big sacrifice".

The blonde star appeared in TV series Hit & Miss as Mia, a transgender assassin who upon discovering she has a child must embrace her new maternal instincts. Her signature locks were hidden for the part and it wasn't a transformation Chloe was fond of.

"I mean I didn’t really didn’t like my hair in Hit & Miss," she recalled to W magazine. "They did crazy long extensions, and the brown was too dark. It was done in Manchester, England, at the whatever salon. And I was just like, 'They’re destroying my hair, I know they are!' And it was too groomed, even for the part. And I don’t like myself with a side-part, but they were just like we want to do you as far away as anybody’s ever seen you.

"That’s a big sacrifice, and it’s hard to put your ego aside, but I understand that they wanted me to have a style that nobody had ever seen me with before."

Sometimes Chloe, 41, finds herself taking her alter egos away from set with her due to the costumes and hairstyles she rocks, such as the "puff" style she wore for TV series Big Love. She became so used to seeing herself with the 'do that she found herself creating it away from work, which was a much more enjoyable experience than having it done on set.

"Often so many actress friends and I talk about if there’s any way to change the process of having to sit and look at yourself under fluorescent lights for two hours and then having to go and perform," she sighed. "Even on photo shoots, it’s like, 'Can you turn me away?' So many make-up artists and hairstylists are used to working with the mirror, but then you’re confronted with it. There’s just this torture. And then you have to have the confidence when all you want to do is cry after being in this hideous lighting. If there’s any way to change that system, that would be really great."

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