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Chris Colfer recalls 'hellish' cowboy outfits

Chris Colfer has recalled feeling like he was in "hell" when his parents dressed him in "buttoned-up cowboy shirts" as a child.

The Glee star grew up in the small farming town of Clovis in California. Chris has revealed that his dapper red carpet style is a far cry from his earlier fashion disasters thanks to his overzealous parents.

"It's kind of a cowboy, rodeo town. Every year, my mum and dad would dress me up in buttoned-up cowboy shirts and jeans and hats, and I just had to sit there and sweat while someone wrestled a cow. It was hell! Do you know what mutton-busting is?" he jokingly mused to Mr Porter.

"It sounds perverted, but what they did was, at the half-time show, people would get their five-year-old children, strap them to the back of a sheep and send them on their way."

Chris plays high school student Kurt Hummel in hit TV show Glee, alongside Lea Michele and Matthew Morrison.

The 22-year-old star has previously described his disdain at wearing an unforgiving costume for a Michael Jackson-themed episode.

"I was in a leather one-suit - like, a leather jumpsuit. The dance was fine, but just the fact that I was in a leather onesie was a little traumatic!" he laughed.

"Very Catwoman-ish, [but] I would say more James Bond villain than Catwoman. I wish it was Catwoman flattering! But no, it was James Bond villain."

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