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Chris Hemsworth: 'I'm getting old'

Thor star Chris Hemsworth needs to train often to maintain his energy and happiness levels.

Chris Hemsworth can feel his body weakening as he gets older.

The Australian hunk has buffed up his bod for the big screen, flaunting his muscles in movies such as Rush, Vacation and as Marvel superhero Thor. At 6ft4in, he has tipped the scales at over 210lbs (95 kilograms) as the otherworldly God, whereas for In the Heart of the Sea he had to drop weight, dieting on 500 calories a day. Luckily the dramatic change didn't wreak havoc on him too much, but Chris is starting to notice changes in himself.

"I feel good when I train," the 32-year-old told Gay Times magazine. "When I shot (latest movie) The Huntsman: Winter's War, I wasn't getting huge, it was just a functional strength and I was well fed and healthy. But if I stopped training for two or three days, I'd feel lethargic and I lacked energy...

So the more I train, the more energy I have and the happier I am.

"When I'm in the normal weight range, it's fine and I do enjoy training, but for Thor, everything is to the extreme. I'm eating 16 meals a day, I'm lifting as heavy as I can and, over the years, you notice your shoulder can't lift what it once could or your back feels a bit weaker. Maybe I'm just getting old..."

Thor: Ragnarok, the third instalment of the franchise, is due out in 2017. Once that is wrapped Chris reveals he's going straight into shooting the third and fourth Avengers films, in which he'll reunite with co-stars including Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson.

With so many big projects to his name, the handsome star admits he feels he has to deliver. "I always feel pressure for a film to do well because my name is attached to it," he explained. "I felt that before anyone even knew who I was. And now people are aware of my name, but it's also about my own sense of pride and achievement."

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