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Chris Hemsworth ruled out rotten teeth

Chris Hemsworth insists it would be "pretty unattractive" if his Snow White and the Huntsman character had "blackened teeth".

The Australian hunk plays Eric the Huntsman in the upcoming fantasy film. Chris has discussed developing his look for the manly role, and has joked some of the ideas were way off the mark.

"He was a solider previously and that was his back story. I thought, 'Maybe he's travelled across this fictional world and trained with different people.' I had this hook about the samurai, and that was where some of the influences with the axe came in. Even the hair I wanted to pull back into a ponytail, for a samurai feel again," he said.

"For the most part he was a dirty messy drunk. I don't think he'd had a shower in a while. At one point there was talk of blackening his teeth, and I was like, 'Hang on, if there's got to be any kind of romance in here, that's pretty unattractive!' So we kept the teeth clean!" he laughed.

Chris sports a tough leather ensemble for his battle scenes in the film. The 28-year-old actor says award-winning costume designer Colleen Atwood was inspirational when it came to creating the aesthetic.

"The leather costume, Colleen Atwood designed that. She's obviously won a number of Academy Awards. It felt rugged and worn in. It was brilliant," he gushed to Collider.

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