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Chris Pine: 'I don't like to shave'

Chris Pine much prefers starting his day with a shower, because he thinks baths are "disgusting".

Chris Pine isn't a fan of shaving or taking long soaks in the bathtub.

The actor, who plays the male lead in the upcoming superhero film Wonder Woman alongside Gal Gadot, has opened up about his daily habits and preferences.

Of his typical skincare routine, the 35-year-old likes to keep things simple, merely using a damp towel to wash his face, followed by applying a little argan oil as a moisturiser.

The Los Angeles native, who is known for his good looks and signature beard, added that he doesn't like to shave and if he does, "it's with ice-cubes, so it's really, really cold". Accordingly, it makes sense that Chris will always choose to take a shower over a bath.

"Baths get too hot. I don't really understand them, you are just in the bath sweating – it's disgusting," he told Harper's Bazaar.

And while he doesn't normally use aftershave, the star occasionally likes a little splash of a Geo F Trumper product he picked up on a recent trip to London.

But as the face of Giorgio Armani Code Profumo, Chris doesn't hesitate for a second when he talks about his go-to fragrance.

"I really love the depth of the new fragrance. The original Code for me is light and citrusy, while Profumo is darker with notes of tobacco and leather," he shared. "It's a more complex fragrance and that really appeals to me. I prefer it to the original as it has everything that I like in it and it reminds me of a wood fire burning."

Depending on his mood the actor likes to fit in fitness classes around his filming schedule, and alternates boxing sessions with relaxing yoga classes.

But there is one thing the actor is adamant that he won't be seen getting after a gym visit - any kind of creamy caffeine hit.

"I think lattes are a crime against espresso," he joked.

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