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Chris Pine: I'm more than a pretty face

Chris Pine doesn't just want to land good-looking roles, and says he'll fight to prove he can play the more complex parts.

The handsome actor makes for a classic leading man, thanks to his attractiveness. It's easy to see why he often portrays screen characters such as Jack Ryan, Captain Kirk and Cinderella's Prince, opposite some of the most beautiful women in Hollywood.

Chris isn't interested in the pretty boy roles all the time though, and says he has to fight hard to get the more complex and gritty characters.

"How you look, it must, it does, define what you get. You have to push to get certain parts. I did a film called Smokin' Aces and originally the casting director wouldn't see me for the part - a tattooed, redneck, hillbilly," Chris mused to the British edition of Elle magazine.

"I really wanted the part, I pushed for it, I went in and eventually got it. That was definitely one of the big highlights of my career."

While 33-year-old Chris may want to distance himself from his good looking exterior, fashion houses have other ideas.

Earlier this year he became the face of Armani, but laughs off suggestions that he leaves a sensual trail in his wake.

"I don't really understand what that means, but it sounds interesting. Although, 'trail' makes me think... maybe that's just the cologne. Look, what I can say to that? I'm very flattered that I was chosen, and if Mr Armani thinks of me that way, it's probably the reason I'm sitting here today, and I'm grateful," he smiled.

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