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Christian Louboutin designed 'out of boredom'

Christian Louboutin started designing shoes because of a "nervous tic".

The footwear creator releases an eponymous book this week which charts his career. It contains some of the first pictures of shoes he ever drew, which he came up with when he was just a boy.

"There are two sketches in the book from when I was 12. My mom had kept them and when she passed away, my sister had kept them. I basically keep nothing but when I was talking about the book, my sister sent them to me," he explained.

"It was to get out of boredom at school. I wasn't very interested in it. It was like a hobby. It was really like a nervous tic. I always sketched the same way: heel on left, point on the right - it was nervous drawing."

Christian is known for helping clothes designers come up with footwear to complement their collections for runway shows. He worked with many people during the recent spate of Fashion Weeks and it's something he's proud of.

The star especially enjoys working with up-and-coming designers as their passion always impresses him.

"They were mostly London designers this time. When you are a young designer, shoes are really expensive and you end up taking cheaper shoes to make it work and it ruins the whole look. If you can, which I can, I like to help young designers," he told "I love to share my shoes with people who like making beautiful things. Mary Katrantzou really adds her elements to the shoes, and they are always really surprising for me. I don't do her prints but she does them so well. It's a real collaboration. I also love the classical wear of Jonathan Saunders. He is so dedicated to the perfect combination of colour. He is so detail-oriented and I am, too. To have a designer with such dedication to that is so great."

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