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Christian Slater’s rebellious fashion fails

Christian Slater wears a ring with the inscription 'This too will pass' to remind himself to enjoy the good times and let go of the bad ones.

Christian Slater rebelled with his clothes when he was younger.

The True Romance star has been on the Hollywood scene since the ‘80s, but experienced a fall from grace in the early noughties. Hit TV show Mr. Robot has catapulted him into the mainstream once more, and now he’s back in the spotlight, Christian is rocking a much sleeker look.

“There was a terrible rebellious part of me that wanted to show I just didn’t care. I look back on all those Hawaiian shirts and T-shirts with dumb stuff written on them now and just think, ‘Oh, man…’ I guess I wanted to show I didn’t take clothes seriously but, of course, that’s making a ridiculous statement in itself,” he laughed to Britain’s Esquire magazine.

For the editorial feature, 46-year-old Christian poses in a number of high end outfits, wearing everything from a Louis Vuitton red satin embroidered shirt to a Ralph Lauren bomber jacket.

Christian doesn’t sport many accessories in the photos, apart from his wedding ring with wife Brittany Lopez and one more piece of finger jewellery.

“I have this ring that I wear all the time that I twirl around my finger if I ever feel uncomfortable. It has ‘This too will pass’ inscribed on it,” he shared. “That’s a very powerful statement to me. It means if you’re having a good moment enjoy it, because it won’t last. And if you’re in a bad moment hang in there, because it won’t last either.”

For the Esquire photo shoot the actor also wears pieces from Ermenegildo Zegna Couture, Dior Homme and Hermes.

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