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Christina Applegate talks wardrobe tips

Christina Applegate's top tips for looking fabulous are a good pair of boots and a "great deconstructed jacket".

The star has spoken about her style rules for making an outfit work when you are a busy working mother.

The 40-year-old actress gave birth to her daughter Sadie Grace almost two years ago and has changed up her dressing routine since welcoming the tot into the world.

"One of my favourite tricks is to own a few key pieces that you know work for you. One of my favourites, aside from a good pair of boots, is a great deconstructed jacket," Christina told PEOPLE in her style blog for the website. "You can toss one over pretty much anything and suddenly you've got a great outfit! On top of key pieces, having a few go-to brands can make a world of difference."

Christina advised working mothers to keep their look relatively simple. She prefers to stick to flat shoes as she is always on the go.

"Effortless style is a lot easier when you take as much work out of it as possible, and that extends to how the shopping gets done. When time and energy are of the essence, online shopping can be a huge relief. Believe me when I say there is a LOT of online shopping that goes on in my household - and not just for me!" she exclaimed. "Shopping for household items and children's clothing can be exhausting - if not near impossible and I'm happy to avoid it whenever possible."

The star has an active role in children's apparel shopping destination which she is the creative partner for. The website is a monthly outfit club for young girls aged between two and eight. Just as Christina likes to dress well, she also thinks her child's style is important, which is why she became involved in the site.

"I am a huge patron of online sites such as and absolutely love the convenience of You get a personalised head-to-toe outfit in just one-click plus free shipping and returns - and it's actually a fun, enjoyable experience, which is the way it should be!" she finished. "Really, shopping for kids clothes has never been easier."

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