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Christina Hendricks: I won't dress like Mad Men

Christina Hendricks still finds it surreal that her Mad Men style has inspired others.

The flame-haired star became a style icon after landing the part of Joan Harris in the retro drama, set in a 60s New York ad agency.

The vintage looks seen in the show quickly seeped into everyday life, with Christina spotting copycat outfits every time she hits the shops.

"It's fun to see people inspired by the fashions, and to see designers that I've known and respected forever all of a sudden be inspired by our show - it's surreal. But it's difficult to shop because you go into a store and it looks like a Joan costume hanging on the rack. You think: 'Oh gosh, I can't wear that, I'll look like I'm trying to dress like my character'," she confessed to British magazine Grazia.

While the 39-year-old had enjoyed some TV success before Mad Men, it was the multi-award winning show that launched her to A-list status.

She's instantly recognisable for her red hair, but recently toned down the look with more of a strawberry blonde hue.

"It had been the same for 20 years, so I thought, darn it, I'm going to change it. That was just a girl thing. But I started to relate the colour of the chatterer of Joan, so it was a little emotional separation," she revealed.

Christina also thinks of updos as Joan's look and is glad she never got her way to let the character wear her hair down.

“One thing I tried for years and was told no every time was I wanted her to have her hair down. And my boss said, ‘Women find a style they like and they stick to it,’ and I went, ‘That’s the craziest thing – my girlfriends and I are changing our colours and cuts all the time,’” she told People magazine.

“Now I’m glad, because it ended up being her look. I think I’ve had every possible updo known to man over the past seven years.”

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