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Christina Hendricks praises pencil skirts

Christina Hendricks thinks the Mad Men costume designer has done wonderful things with a pencil skirt.

The American actress appears as Joan Holloway in the hit US television show, which follows the lives of people living in 1960s America.

The show is famed for its fashion as much as the dramatic story lines and Christina is often credited with revolutionising perceptions of beauty on television.

The stunning star is renowned for her curvaceous figure which is accentuated with her style on the show, and Christina insists it's all down to the show's costume designer Janie Bryant.

"I think that's an amazing compliment. It's a testament to the meticulousness of our costume designer and what she's done with a pencil skirt! God bless her!" she quipped in an interview with Parade magazine.

Christina is amazed by how well the fashion on the show has been received. The flame-haired beauty is also thrilled with the success of Bryant's career off the back of the AMC series.

"Mad Men is a very stylish show. I think people miss a time where people were put together and much more presentable. It's nice that people are responding to it," she said.

"And it's so exciting for Janie to do a line for Banana Republic. It's sort of surreal to walk by the windows and see your show represented there."

Christina has broached the old adage of which hair colour has most fun. The 36-year-old actress says her red tresses have served her well.

"I'm having a blast. I wouldn't claim to have more fun than anyone else, but I'm having a real good time," she said.

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