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Christina Milian: 'Topknots never fail'

Christina Milian places comfort over beauty when it comes to hair and fashion choices.

Singer Christina Milian is not into spending hours on an elaborate hairstyle, which is why she often dons topknots to red carpet events.

Although the 34-year-old dresses to the nines when she shows up at exclusive industry parties, Christina does not believe it is necessary to spend countless minutes styling a coiffure.

"I've been wearing topknots forever," she told Us Weekly magazine of her favourite hairdo. "It's just the easy, convenient way of dressing yourself up without having to put in a crazy amount of time."

Christina is the owner of clothing line We Are Pop Culture and her approach to fashion is similar to how she views hairstyling.

When it came to designing pieces for the brand, which sells a range of clothing including outwear, accessories, bottoms and tops, Christina always keeps cosiness in mind.

"It’s geared towards women and it’s a street wear/casual wear brand and its more about comfort," she explained to Latin Times of the vibe she tries to encapsulate in We Are Pop Culture clothing. "I am always on the go and I like to feel comfortable. I enjoy wearing a pair of sweatpants and sweat shirt with some high heels or I can wear some sneakers and I will wear it out.

"I feel that confidence is key in making your outfit look the way you want it to be. I don’t want women to feel like they have to wear a sexy short mini skirt and show her cleavage to feel like that’s fashion. Fashion is really how you feel and the way I feel every day is that I want to be comfortable. Comfort makes me feel good and I can just dress it up however I want."

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