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Christina Perri wants face tattoo

Christina Perri would like a tattoo of a British flag to add to her collection.

The Jar of Hearts singer is known for being covered in inkings and isn't afraid to show them off in pretty dresses.

She's now amassed 70 pieces of body art and would even be up for adding to her collection with a tribute to one of her favourite places in the world.

"[I have] 70! Including a British crown on my knuckle to remember that I wrote some of my favourite songs here," she grinned to UK magazine Star.

"I'm thinking about getting a little British flag. I'm serious! On my face. [Laughs]"

It could be that Christina will take to her social networking sites to get ideas on what fans would make of her tattoo.

She recently reached out to her followers asking them whether they prefer her hair long or short.

The 27-year-old's brunette locks currently flow to below her chest, but she might be going for the chop soon.

"ok, my hair is out of control long. keep it or cut it? i cant decide! (sic)," she wrote on Instagram.

The reactions from her fans were mixed, with some urging her to keep it because it looks "beautiful" and others telling her to opt for a shorter style.

Another suggested she hit the hairdressers and then donate the excess to charity.

Christina has a great sense of style and always looks slim when she hits the red carpet for events.

However, she makes sure not to deprive herself of sweet treats.

"it is imperative that we all eat chocolate today. (sic)," she recently tweeted.

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