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Christina Ricci: Costumes aren't fun

Christina Ricci soon grew tired of the "really gorgeous" corsets she wore for her new movie.

The actress appears alongside Robert Pattinson in Bel Ami, which follows Robert's character Georges Duroy as he rises to prominence by conning women.

The film is based on an 1885 book by Guy de Maupassant, so Christina got to wear some exquisite costumes. However, they didn't come without their problems.

"The corsets are really gorgeous and fun to wear and then not fun at all because you can't breathe after a while," she laughed. "All the skirts and everything it's very difficult to go to the loo."

Christina has also been seen in American TV show Pan Am, which follows pilots and cabin crew in the 60s. She loved the iconic clothing she got to wear for the programme as she has always been interested in outfits from different eras.

"It was really fun, I love vintage shopping so I loved those," she told BBC Radio 1.

The series itself was a joy for Christina as she loves flying so much. It's the one time she can relax without worrying she should be doing something else.

"I love to fly. I love just being on a plane, no one can call you no one can bother you. You have all the time in the world to just read," she enthused.


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