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Christina Ricci: I'm programmed for nudity

Christina Ricci "trained her brain" to not worry about appearing nude in movies.

The stunning 31-year-old actress suffered from anorexia when she was a teenager. She is now comfortable in her own skin, and has filmed several risqué love scenes.

The beauty is starring in upcoming drama Bel Ami alongside Robert Pattinson - and is seen baring all.

Christina owes her confidence to a positive and refreshing attitude.

"After we made this film, I said I didn't think I should do any more nude scenes for a couple of years. Then, in [TV show] Pam Am, I'm in my underwear in every episode!" she laughed.

"I trained my brain not to care about nudity at work. It's like going to the beach. You could spend the whole time obsessing, or you could just go to the beach, forget about how you look and have a good time."

Christina doesn't blame her eating disorder on the pressures of Hollywood. Instead, she believes it was a personal battle with her younger self.

"I think my anorexia was to do with being a teenager, not being in films," she admitted in an interview with Style magazine. "I know plenty of other girls who went through exactly the same thing as me, and they had nothing to do with this industry.

"I'm pretty happy now; I kind of know what my body is. Like any woman, I go up and down a little. I try to eat healthily and work out."

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