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Christina Ricci slams restrictive fashion

Christina Ricci is "glad" women no longer have to wear girdles.

The actress is currently starring in TV series Pan Am. The show follows the pilots and flight attendants of a Pan American flight crew in the sixties.

Christina has to wear a girdle for the series in keeping with the authentic period look, which she isn't a fan of.

"It's very uncomfortable. I can't believe what these poor women had to go through to fit a certain image," She told the British edition of OK! magazine. "The airlines had girdle checks and make-up checks - I'm certainly glad those days are over!"

Luckily for Christina her character Maggie Ryan is a bit of a rebel and doesn't wear her girdle as much as the other characters. Christina sympathises with her co-stars Margot Robbie and Kelli Garner.

"My character is kind of a trouble maker and refuses to wear one often. She gets in trouble for it," she smiled. "So I don't wear them as much as the other girls, but we have to wear them a lot."

Christina is famed for her petite figure. However, the star admitted that she has had to be a little more careful with what she eats for her new role.

"I work out a regular basis anyway. I watch what I eat. Maybe I'm being a little bit more careful now!" she laughed.

The brunette beauty is a huge fan of fashion. Christina believes that clothes are a good way for people to express themselves.

"I am quite short, but I love clothes. I think fashion is a true extension of oneself," she revealed. "My moods are reflected in the clothes I wear. If I'm happy, I might pick out a colourful Yves Saint Laurent dress."

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