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Christopher Bailey: Burberry is relatable

(Cover) - EN Fashion - Christopher Bailey finds it "irrelevant" whether Burberry fans can afford the label.

The creative director of the fashion house is famed for his innovative approach to campaigns and marketing. He was one of the first to stream his fashion shows and explained it's vital for him the company has broad appeal.

He's not interested in whether people actually buy Burberry, he just wants to know they like what he's creating.

"I'd much rather be welcoming to people and smile at them and make them feel relaxed and comfortable. I just think on a human level, I know how I am, I don't want to feel intimidated and nervous. I don't even care if somebody can afford to buy Burberry pieces or not. It's irrelevant to me," he explained.

"A brand is about experiences and I'm as happy if somebody just follows us on Facebook Maybe one day they will buy a fragrance or a watch or a coat, but that's not the point. The point is about being authentic and engaging with people and connecting with people."

This desire for mass appeal is part of the reason why Christopher shoots campaigns as he does. He knows many people think he should use women who look more like conventional models to sell his pieces, but that doesn't interest him.

"Sometimes at Burberry we get negative comments because our stars might not be conventionally 'model-y' types, but that doesn't matter to me," he told Elle. "Real life is pretty incredible and I like getting reality in campaigns. I find character in a face attractive. You can relate a little bit more, if it's not so untouchable."

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