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Chung embraces bushy brows

Alexa Chung is pleased she can let her brows get out of control as Cara Delevingne has led the way.

The supermodel is known for her trademark eyebrows, which she defines with a make-up pencil.

After years of plucking, style icon Alexa is grateful Cara has made it OK to let the grooming go a bit.

"I am so happy that thanks to Cara Delevingne strong brows are back - I can just let mine go bushy," she laughed to the British edition of Glamour magazine.

"Defined brows really do frame the eyes and you don't need to do much else.”

As well as her trademark eyeliner, Alexa often rocks a bold pout.

Again, she's keen for it not to look too perfect.

"I love wearing a red lip - it has to be a matte pillar box or orange red. But it's got to have that worn-in, casual feel - not drawn on or glossy,” she said. “I can't bear gloss, it's just too much."

The key to Alexa's look is her very natural appearance.

Her hair always has a mussed-up vibe and she'd rather make the most of what she's got than cheat.

"I don't bother with false lashes during the day," she explained.

"I don't really like anything fake, I feel like I'm lying and it just seems unnatural. For events I will sometimes add a few little individual lashes just to intensify my eyes."

Alexa, 30, also advised fans of her style to try out a bronze smoky eye.

The presenter believes it's a good look for anyone as it's so flattering.

"I like to use cream sticks for this, I can't be bothered with powder eyeshadows that you have to blend, blend, blend," she revealed.

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