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Chung offended by style labels

Alexa Chung insists she's just "existing" and not setting trends.

The 30-year-old star is praised for her stylish ensembles and is considered a fashion icon all over the globe.

Recently she has linked to the latest look known as normcore, described as "stylised blandness". While she is happy with her own taste, Alexa doesn't appreciate her dress sense being labelled.

"It's the most offensive thing," she sighed to "No, I am into it but I didn't recognise it as a category of dressing, it's just how people dress, but I know friends of mine that were included in the first article who were quite outraged by that. It's weird when you're just existing and people outside it gather you up and take away any unique vibe you thought you had. They're like, 'It's a trend' and you're like, 'What? No, I just exist.'"

Alexa, who has her own range of make-up with cosmetics brand Eyeko, is still referred to as an 'it girl' in the industry. However she doesn't let the term affect her actions and looks at it as a compliment for her age.

"It doesn't offend me because that's an outside label that's being projected onto me, it doesn't have anything to do with how I exist on a daily basis or how I interact with my friends, so as much as it it's been flattering, especially in my younger years... because I never paid it too much attention and never gave it too much credit or weight, it similarly can't affect me too much when I start outgrowing it," she explained. "I've never fully embraced that, but I could see how that might be condescending and weird, but I don't find it offensive. Do people refer to me as a girl?"

When quizzed on the progress of her own clothing line, which she has said several times in the past that she wants to set up, Alexa admitted she has yet to get started.

"I regret saying that [I was planning to do one] because now everyone is waiting with bated breath and I don't have any news for them sadly," she added.

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