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Ckone model: Campaign was like speed dating

Shooting the ckone Shock campaign was like "speed dating" says one model.

The advertisements for the perfume have caused raised eyebrows as they feature models kissing each other. Ian Mellencamp is one of the stars of them and was amazed when he realised what he had to do.

"It was like speed dating! It was my first time making out with someone on camera, but the atmosphere helped make it less awkward," he laughed to

Supermodel Lara Stone also appears in the images. She is seen locking lips with Rob Evans and Sky Ferreira and both were overcome when they realised they'd have to kiss her.

Model-and-singer Sky was particularly shocked as she wasn't sure she was the right choice.

"I had to do some girl-on-girl. I made out with Lara too! I thought they would've chosen a way hotter girl than me for that," she giggled.

"Like one of the real models. I came up to her chest, so they told us to sit down and kiss. I just let her take the lead because I didn't want to offend her in any way. There was no tongue or anything, so it wasn't too racy. It was sweet and innocent. Well, kind of!"

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