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‘Classic’ dresser Cillian Murphy

Cillian Murphy enjoys wearing good quality clothing.

The Irish actor makes an effort with his choice of outfits and goes for a particular style when dressing for star-studded events.

However, he still likes to keep things simple and prefers quality over appearance.

"[My clothes are] not flamboyant, just well-made, well-cut stuff," he explained to British magazine ShortList Mode. "I like the classic elements: leather jacket, denim jacket, desert boots, good jeans, good T-shirt. Good belt. But I don't really go beyond that."

While Cillian is widely regarded as a style icon he admits it wasn't always that way. He moved to London in 2001 and remembers how his dress sense would make people question his well-being.

"I stick with the things that work. Probably in my teenage years I made a few errors," he told earlier this month. "When I was acting in a play in the West End I was wearing a knee-length woolly jumper and I got asked if I needed shelter for the evening."

Cillian is currently starring in UK TV show Peaky Blinders, which is set in 1919 Birmingham. The 37-year-old star enjoys embodying his character Tommy through his costume and noticed distinct differences in fashion between then and now.

"You always need to put your stamp on a character, but we were clear from the beginning that they had to be sartorially distinctive," he added. "They don't have that much money, but the money that they do they spend on their clobber. Little things like Tommy wears the collar but without the tie, while some of the others wear a tie or a dicky bow. Every actor can really find a character through the costume."

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