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Clémence: Clothes sing to me

Clémence Poésy says vintage clothes help her transform into different characters.

The French actress is one of Karl Largefeld’s muses and has fronted campaigns for brands including Gap and G-Star. Clémence loves to be individual with her sense of style and finds certain items evoke strong emotions in her.

“I just try to see the poetry in an outfit. I like to see how it makes me feel, who it reminds me of, which character I want to be,” she told Stylist magazine. “The last thing I bought was a vintage Forties dress in Brooklyn. I’m rehearsing a play set in the Forties so maybe I am looking more at those things, but it just felt very timeless. The pattern, the detail of the buttons – it’s those things that I try to look at and whether something tells a story. [Something] which is always easier in vintage.”

The 30-year-old blonde star also appears in a photo shoot to accompany the interview. Clémence always enjoys dressing up in different outfits and experimenting with looks.

“I was like, ‘Let’s do one more!’” she said. “I didn’t want to leave. It was a summer day in New York. We [turned the music] up loud and everyone was in a really good mood. I like it when shoots allow me to be a bit silly. I’d just finished one that was way more composed so it’s good to get that balance.”

Clémence likes to mix vintage with designer clothes and pieces from her favorite high street stores. When quizzed on what she couldn’t live without, The Tunnel actress named denim items from Acne.

“You have to have a pair of jeans that aren’t falling apart,” she explained.

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