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Clueless designer reminisces

Costume designer Mona May had no idea the fashion from 1995 film Clueless would hold up today.

Mona May was responsible for dressing the cast of the hit 1995 movie, including actress Alicia Silverstone as the iconic blonde Cher.

On the film's 18th anniversary, Mona looks back on her style legacy and the costumes she crafted.

“I think the overall fun of the film was really diving into this Beverly Hills world - the guys with the low pants, the different factions of the stoners, the hipsters... every person that was on the screen really had a look," Mona told The Daily Beast. "The whole story was, I think, much more realistic, even though it was not really what was happening at the moment.”

Mona helped put together over 60 costumes for the film's lead Cher. These included the simple white strapless Calvin Klein dress that Cher sported on a first date, leather miniskirts and multiple twinsets. Mona says these looks were ahead of their time, noting the recent revival of the '90s in fashion, with crop tops and plaid making a comeback.

“There’s [an outfit] that’s really great too - the white T-shirt with the sheer overlay - it’s like, you look at Barney’s catalogue right now and it’s in there. It’s still very, very modern," she continued.

“We were pioneering something without setting out to pioneer in a sense. I don’t think we were thinking, like, ‘Oh my god, we’re doing this, it’s going to be the biggest hit and every girl is going to be wearing these clothes.’ It was never really that intention.”

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