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Coco Rocha: Models should be mature

Coco Rocha thinks many problems would be avoided in the fashion industry if models started when they were older.

The star was scouted by a modelling agency was she was 14. A year later she began taking part in shoots, then moved to New York when she was 16.

Coco fears for young girls in the same position as they are so vulnerable at that age.

"If you think of what a 15 or 16-year-old, especially girl, is thinking of, it's their body and how they're changing or why they're not changing. Then you're taking them out of high school, away from their parents and putting them in an industry that's treating them like adults. They do not know how to work with that. First of all they're thinking, 'How do I please you? It doesn't matter what I have to do, how do I please you?' That's where it stems from. If we were older, more mature, wiser, it probably wouldn't cause as many problems," she told talk show host Anderson Cooper.

Coco also wishes young models were told their body will change and that it doesn't matter. She knows many get scared when they start developing breasts as they fear they won't get work anymore.

It's something which has happened to the model, who once lost a job because she was deemed too large.

"This was a year ago, now I'm too thin. It goes back and forth, you never can please everyone, especially in our career," she said. "You're too big for one person, you're too small, and your cheekbones are too defined. We come into this industry so young and you have to learn to take it as it is."

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