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Coco Rocha opts for tanned red carpet look

Coco Rocha wears a darker foundation than normal when going to events so she doesn't look "dead".

The supermodel loves make-up and enjoys experimenting with new products. She's come to learn what suits her and what looks good in pictures, and rarely asks a professional to tend to her face for red carpet appearances.

Coco is happy to apply her favourite brands herself.

"If I'm going to red carpet events I usually have a dark eye, and darker foundation, because if I don't, sometimes I look dead," she laughed. "So usually you will see a little more tanned me. If it is something really special like the MET ball, then I will get someone to do it. But if it's just going to a movie premiere, I am fine to do it by myself."

Coco's regime has changed over the years. At school she used to wear white eyeliner and lashings of black mascara, but now goes for a more demure look. She loves shimmering highlighters, and has learnt applying them to her eyes and cupid's bow makes her look more awake.

The 23-year-old doesn't have particular brands she likes, and isn't snobby when it comes to price. She loves Maybelline, Rimmel and L'Oreal cosmetics, revealing she has a special way of getting her hands on more expensive items.

"I buy things but most of it has been given to me. If you're going to give it to me then I will try it out. When I went up to the Vogue office, they let me go into the beauty closet and take a few things. Everything I saw the main make-up artists use, I went and grabbed it," she told "But I hold on to a lot of things too - I still have my first lipstick that my mom gave to me when I was six or something."

Coco added she's unusual in the modelling word as most of her contemporaries hate wearing cosmetics. They only allow them on their faces for work, which she doesn't understand.

"You learn all the tricks of the trade, why not use it on yourself? I honestly did not know how to put anything on until modelling," she said.

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