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Colin Farrell: 'I don't tame my wild brows'

Colin Farrell got uncomfortably hot under his bald cap in Horrible Bosses.

Colin Farrell is scared his eyebrows will just keeping on growing.

The rugged Irishman is known for his thick brows, which have become something of a trademark look over the years. He doesn't prune or preen them though, preferring to let them just do their thing. However, he is slightly worried they'll soon get out of control.

"My brows are large and I fear they’re just getting bigger through the years," he laughed to Britain's Marie Claire. "I don’t do anything to them though – just keep them natural."

During his time on TV show on True Detective it wasn't just eyebrow hair he had to contend with, but fully grown facial fuzz too.

"I had to grow a moustache for True Detective and The Lobster," he explained. "In True Detective I was able to shave it off after the first three episodes, and it felt great! In The Lobster the moustache was a little more simple so it was easier to maintain."

Hair and make-up is part and parcel of an actor's job, and Colin has sported everything from an '80s hair do in Miami Vice to a shaggy mop in Phone Booth. One of his ugliest roles to date was the balding, pot-bellied Bobby Pellitt in Horrible Bosses, which proved an uncomfortable experience for the 39-year-old.

"The hair and make-up process on a movie really depends on the role but I like to keep it simple and fast," he said. "The bald cap that I had to wear in Horrible Bosses was really hot but the hair and make-up crew on set were great so it was a fairly easy process for me."

He's also been forced to change his body for a part, bulking up for 2012's Total Recall. It wasn't too hard on Colin though, as he likes to take care of himself these days.

"I enjoy eating well and doing yoga which makes me feel fit," he smiled. "I try to hike as much as possible – something LA is great for."

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