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Colin Farrell is yoga fan

Colin Farrell has revealed why he loves his regular yoga classes.

The Hollywood heartthrob is famed for his athletic body, and likes to indulge in the spiritual practice to keep fit.

Colin has revealed what he loves about his regular yoga classes, explaining it relieves him of stress and over-thinking.

“It’s fun. [I] do it every day, as much as I can,” Colin told Access Hollywood.

“I love being in a class with students – 30 or 40 people all moving in unison. It’s very easy to live where you remain in your head… and you’re concerned about various things and constantly contemplating and so on and so forth, so it takes you out of your head for a while and just puts you back into your body.”

Colin has battled with drug and alcohol addiction in the past and has previously explained that eating well and exercising is now an important part of his routine.

The 37-year-old star insisted he isn't too obsessive about his regime though.

“I don’t put the same level of energy into healthy living as I did into unhealthy living. I put an enormous amount of energy into the destruction of my body and if I put the same amount into treating my body in a positive way, that too would end up being a sickness,” he British magazine Men’s Health last year. “But I eat really well, drink loads of green tea, and take a s**tload of vitamins.

"I did a two-mile jog every day, an hour of weights, every day, six days a week, for about three months before we started. And I’m somebody who a couple of years ago couldn’t even run a mile."

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