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Colin Firth: I can't dress myself

Colin Firth thinks it's important to get someone to take charge of your wardrobe if style doesn't come naturally to you.

The Oscar-winning actor recently accepted the award for Leading Man at the British GQ Awards. But despite regularly looking dapper in a suit at events or premieres, the 54-year-old can't take any credit.

"If you’re a relatively style-challenged male, put your wardrobe in someone else’s hands as soon as possible,” he laughed to WWD. “It’s worked wonders for my credibility.”

Colin may have had a helping hand from his gorgeous wife Livia, who hosted her Green Carpet Challenge campaign event on Tuesday night. The initiative encourages designers to produce eco-friendly looks for the red carpet.

The event saw Stella McCartney showcasing her latest collection, which she debuted on September 14 as part of London Fashion Week. It includes 13 evening-wear looks divided into two parts — one, an exercise in hand-screen-printed colour-blocking, and the other made from a recycled floral-print silk from her archive and organic cotton lace.

Livia looked amazing in a white tunic dress, which featured bold colourful embellishment. She accessorised with a coral clutch and black sandals, while keeping her hair sleek and down around her shoulders.

For designer Stella, 43, it was a privilege to work on the project with Livia and she wants to encourage her peers to adopt some of the same practices.

"The problem with luxury fashion is that it’s so isolated. There’s hundreds of thousands of meters of fabric that’s left over from [designer] collections and it just gets destroyed and I cannot get my head around it,” she said.“Let’s recycle previous collections. The lovely thing about it is that it’s a kind of limited-edition, so when we run out of the material that will be it.”

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