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Colin Firth: I'm not smart, my suits are!

Colin Firth has praised the extraordinary tailors and designers who make actors look good in costume.

The British actor is known for playing the romantic lead in films and often looks dapper on screen. His polished look transcends movie boundaries, and Colin always rocks a sophisticated look on the red carpet too. However far from accepting praise for his style, Colin insists it all comes down to the tailor.

"I think that the illusion of a suit that works - if you are lucky enough to have one that makes you look good - is that the style emanates from you. It doesn't. The suits do the work," Colin told "And I'm in other people's hand for this; we are in other people's hands. We are actors who show up for work in our sloppy gear and we've got this extraordinary tailor."

Colin feels he can't take credit, as someone else designed the pieces and measured it to fit his body. In fact, he thinks the right clothing can make anyone look good.

"It will affect your bearing. It will affect your demeanour. It informs the way you behave," he reasoned.

Colin has donned tailored pieces for many of his film roles, and his latest alter ego is no different.

He plays spy Harry Hart / Galahad in Kingsman: The Secret Service; a movie about a veteran secret agent who takes a young unknown under his wing.

Newcomer Taron Egerton plays protégé Gary 'Eggsy' Unwin and says the film's costumes have given him a taste for the finer things in fashion.

"I can't claim to have a huge knowledge of fashion trends, but I'd never worn a bespoke suite before and I think I have developed a certain taste for them - particularly ones designed to fit every contour of your body. It feels like it clicks into place. You do feel very, very empowered," Taron commented.

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