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Connelly still wears school shoes

Jennifer Connelly has replaced her boots from high school with men's shoes.

The Hollywood actress may have an enviable bank account, but she doesn't splash out a fortune on fashion. Jennifer prefers to rely on some wardrobe staples from her favourite designers, as well as a few vintage items.

"I have a pair of boots that I bought in the East Village when I was in high school that, until recently, I wore non-stop. They're in such a state. I've now replaced them with a pair of men's boots by British designer Joseph Cheaney," she confessed to the latest UK edition of InStyle. "I tend to wear the same things over and over, like my Lanvin flats and my leather jacket.

"I've worn a lot of Balenciaga over the years. I like that modern, tailored look that doesn't feel too frivolous. The pieces manage to be classic and new at the same time."

Jennifer is a regular on glitzy red carpets and travels the world to promote her movies. The 42-year-old star knows what suits her and has one strict no-no when it comes to stepping out in front of photographers.

"I don't have many red-carpet rules except to avoid wearing anything that fastens with poppers - they're not reliable!" Jennifer laughed.

The mom-of-three has a far more laidback approach to style when she isn't working.

"I've just finished shooting three films back-to-back so I'm at home in New York transitioning into being a full-time mom again, which is wonderful but also a radical change of gear," she explained. "I'm in sweat pants and a hooded top, which I definitely wouldn't wear outside!"

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