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Connie Britton raves about Pond’s

Connie Britton has revealed her favourite Pond’s products.

The Nashville actress has teamed up with the beauty brand on a number of occasions. During a chat with she revealed which products she can’t live without.

“I love working with Pond’s because they are such an iconic, classic brand,” she explained. “Some of the products have just been extraordinary for me to discover such as the Cold Cream Cleanser, which is what our moms used. I’ve been using it to take my make up off at the end of the day at work and it’s incredible. It takes off everything, its moisturising and it feels like a treatment for your skin, I’ve been loving it.”

The 47-year-old Emmy-nominated actress is known for her youthful looks. Because her job requires her to wear a lot of make-up, whether it’s for filming a show or a photo shoot, she needs to have multi-purpose products that help clean her face effectively at the end of the day.

“Another one that I love is they have the [Original Fresh Wet Cleansing] Towelettes which are wonderful for cleaning your face but also toning and moisturising it and I carry them with me all day long, they’re amazing,” she enthused.

Pond’s have been developing skin care for over 150 years. But Connie doesn’t think that it’s only women who can use them.

“I think a lot of the products are really great for women and men out there cos they are multi-functional and you can rely on them,” she said.

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